Your dog deserves a quality diet, that's why we use natural and fresh human grade ingredients.

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Raw dog food now available, I shih tzu not!

Raw Dog Food

We source many of our products and ingredients from local Ontario farmers

Zena's Cookies Barkery is dedicated to always providing top of the line, quality ingredients, while also supporting local farmers and artisans.

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All of our ingredients are natural and preservative free. At Zena's Cookies Barkery, we believe that pets deserve quality food too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store cookies and jerkies

Question: "How do I properly store my dog treats?"

Answer: All dog cookies and jerkies are preservative free, we recommend storing these treats in your freezer to prevent them from spoiling. Treats will last well over 3 months if stored in the freezer.

How to safely feed your dog Himalayan Yak Cheese

Question: "What do I do when the Himalayan Yak Cheese becomes a small nub?"

Answer: When you first receive your order of Himalayan Yak Cheese, this can be given to your dog whole. Once your dog has chewed the Yak Cheese to a point where it becomes small enough to be a choking hazard, put the cheese in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds-1 minute and 30 seconds (depending on the size of the cheese). The Himalayan Yak Cheese will puff up into a "cheese cloud" and it will be crunchy with the texture of an Aero chocolate bar, this can now be safely given to your dog (let the cheese fully cool down first). We recommend ALWAYS supervising your pet while they are eating treats to ensure safe consumption.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! We take custom orders for pupcakes (dog cupcakes), dietary ristrictions, and more! For inquiries, click here to submit your question(s) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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